Q: How do I know the veracity of the reviews?

A: The reviews will be transparent as well as verified to ensure that there are no fraudulent reviews.  Best Hospital Advisor(BHA) is a free website that provides directories and reviews of Hospitals worldwide. We have made every effort to ensure accuracy and fairness. If you see a mistake, let us know as soon as possible. We will make every effort to correct mistakes in a timely fashion. Please play nice and be honest. Treat others, as you would wish to be treated.

Q: My hospital deals with complicated surgeries that other hospitals don't have to deal with. It's not fair to compare a hospital that does complicated surgeries to one that only does day surgery.

A: In fact, different hospitals see patients with different characteristics including risk factors such as age, gender and whether patients have coexisting conditions that might influence how they fare in hospitals. That’s why each hospital's reviews specify a specialty and procedure, which hospitals can choose when creating their profile. BHA does not compare hospitals but instead promotes the dissemination of medical provider reviews. This Site should in no way be construed as offering medical advice. Our stated mission is to bring transparency to the health-care marketplace. Your decisions about treatment, providers and anything else belong strictly to you.

Q: What other services besides ratings does the site have to offer?

A: BHA promotes the dissemination of medical provider reviews. Patients can rate an institution as well as provide vital information to prospective patients as they make their own difficult healthcare decisions. In addition, users can take a survey to rate each hospital’s basic indicators including Accessibility, Admission Process, Communication, Safety & Security, Wait Times and Cleanness among others.

Q: Can I share prices at BHA?

A: Yes, BHA also offers the option to tell others what you paid for a given healthcare service. The benefit of this feature is to provide transparency in healthcare pricing for the services and healthcare professionals listed in the system. If you want to know more about other institutions’ prices, visit also www.PurchasingHealth.com.

Q: I see my hospital is already in BHA’s Data Base, how to get access to it?

A: BHA has a pre-loaded Data Base integrated, if the provider you represent is already on it, pls Contact Us to get a complete access to it and update it’s profile for better indexing and better usability of BHA’s features.

Q: How BHA deals with negative comments?

A: To protect physicians who receive negative comments, the website tracks IP addresses and uses software that detects similarities in writing patterns to identify postings that are not genuine. We have a team evaluating daily, taking into account whether the review is motivated by malice or things other than an honest review of the doctor.

Q: Hospitals are very large, complex organizations. To rate anything on the basis of five stars is incomplete at best and potentially misleading at worst?

A: The five rating only assess the quality of general care and medical treatment. At Best Hospital Advisor we always encourage the patient to expand their review by following a complex rating survey.  Those ratings are based on advice from international experts who specialize in assessing and improving the quality of hospital care worldwide.

Q: Don't you think that letting people determine what rating their hospitals should have is unfair and irresponsible?

A: The patient ratings tool included on the hospital profile pages does not affect the overall rating awarded by the national accreditation institution. It is there as a supplement so that patients can compare their own experience to the results hospitals report themselves. Research in the U.K. has shown that online patient ratings such as these accurately reflect health care outcomes at hospitals.

Q: My hospital is not on your list. Why not? 

A: If your hospital is not listed on our site, please create a Provider Account and start adding your services into our database. Best Hospital Advisor is a unique platform that aims to improve transparency for healthcare consumers and allows providers to reach millions of medical care consumers that seek information on healthcare facilities and the services they offer. 

Q: How can I find the best hospital for my medical procedure?

A: Please go to home page, on the search bar write the procedure you are looking for and you will get the hospitals performing that procedure in particular. Also on the homepage, you can find the best hospitals by region http://www.besthospitaladvisor.com/

Q: How can I leave a review of a hospital that is not in the database?

A: You need to add the hospital we are missing, when you go to www.besthospitaladvisor.com, please go to write a review tab, once you login on the survey you can add the hospital you need to review.

Q: I’m having problems to access my account, can you help me?

A: If you are having issues to log in to your account please send us an email at info@besthospitaladvisor.com