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As a Featured Provider you Will…


  • Ensure greater visibility for your medical facility.
  • Your facility will be listed at the top of search results when matched with search filters.
  • Increase reviews from users and increase your credibility with potential patients.

What Makes Us Unique?


  • Best Hospital Advisor Is a free website that provides directories and reviews of medical facilities worldwide.
  • Reviews are transparent and verified to ensure that there are no fraudulent reviews.
  • BHA is the best way to know your potential patients around the world.
  • With BHA you can track consumer feedback and use it to improve your services.
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This video tour will walk you through BHA's look and feel, as well as user enhancements that are now available through our site. It also demonstrates the benefits of using BHA's reviews system.  

Important Reference

A survey run by TripAdvisor in the United States showed that the return on investment for every dollar spent on a “Business listing profile” is US$ 64.
With BHA, providers can not only expect to keep a larger share of the price to consumers but also to increase BHA user’s views of their facility.

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Badges are small widgets that you or your Webmaster can add to your site. The badge might say “Site Approved by Best Hospital Advisor” or “Recommend this Provider”. Best Hospital Advisor will allow you to place badges on your site for free, allowing your guests to see or write great reviews for you or your partners.

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