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Both: Patients and Medical Service Providers (MSP) are able to create an account in order to either create or manage reviews.    

Through their account, patients can access a virtual community where they can share and review their experiences at hospitals and healthcare facilities worldwide.
The review system is user-friendly as well as anonymous, and helps to provide feedback on individual experiences – both positive and negative. MSPs will be able to create accounts and list themselves on the site in detail.  Follow our guide on how to create an account.  Go to Guide

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After creating Provider's Account, is very important to add attributes into your facility’s profile, in order to allow for proper indexing in our search results.
BHA use search indexes to define different sets of content in order to be found when users seek for your facility; establishing attributes correctly on it’s profile (i.e. Address, Specialty, Beds, Certification, etc), allow users to found you easier, at the same time they can get a better introduction to your facility’s important information. 

Use BHA’s Provider’s Guide and learn how to Add attributes in 8 easy steps. Go to Guide

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Write your first review

BHA is a medium for patients to get details on the best medical service provider (MSP). As a Patient, you are able to search for an MSP by location, specialty, procedure and name, as well as review details of the service provider and post reviews. Through our review system, Patients can place a single review or utilize more complex evaluations like inpatient/outpatient surveys. You can also share what you paid for a specific procedure.
Use BHA’s Patient’s Guide and learn how to write your first review. Go to Guide

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This video tour will walk you through BHA's look and feel, as well as user enhancements that are now available through our site. It also demonstrates the benefits of using BHA's reviews system.  

Be part of BHA's community

The best way to know your patients is through their opinion.  Write a review, share your experience with others, and let others help you make the right healthcare decision.
Allow us to bring transparency into the equation; helping you and your loved ones search for and receive the highest quality of care, while informing you in your decision-making process. BHA is the optimal way to rate hospitals and obtain advice when a doctor’s recommendation is not sufficient. 

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Study shows promise of consumer-driven healthcare

A new study in the Journal of the American Medical Association demonstrates the potential for the U.S. to contain health costs by unleashing the American consumer. Read More

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LAC: Best Clinics and Hospitals 2013 | Rankings

This second version of the ranking reflects the growing interest of medical institutions in the region to compete globally, and increased interest in participating in this study: of the 20 establishments participated in 2009, it went to 35 this year. Read More

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U.S. News Best Hospitals 2014-15

We sifted through data for nearly 5,000 hospitals and results from surveys of more than 9,500 physicians to rank the best centers in 16 adult specialties from cancer to urology. Read More

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Introduction to Ratings and Review Sites

Ratings and Review sites like Yelp, CitySearch, and TripAdvisor are web-based services that help people find great local businesses. They’re places where people post their opinions and come to discover or research a product or service. So it’s important to have a listing on these sites! Read More

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The healthcare ecosystem today is increasingly putting patients, rather than treatments, at the center of care

New payment models are rewarding value rather than volume, and the concept of patients as consumers is growingly prevalent. Read More

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Analysis: Staying ‘In-Network’ for Common Medical Services Does Not Guarantee ‘Low-Cost’”

When it comes to choosing a healthcare provider, the consumer experience is akin to shopping at a store without any prices.  Read More

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Variation in charges for 10 common blood tests in California hospitals: a cross-sectional analysis

To determine the variation in charges for 10 common blood tests across California hospitals in 2011, and to analyse the hospital and market-level factors that may explain any observed variation. Read More

The Healthcare System Needs Innovation – Paul Mango, McKinsey & Company

The costs of healthcare for American businesses is growing and growing, but there are ways to make a change, says McKinsey & Company’s Paul Mango. Filmed at the Castlight Enterprise Healthcare Summit, June 10, 2014.  

Businesses and Providers Need to Come Together – Tara Montgomery, Consumer Reports

Consumer Reports’ senior director of health impact, Tara Montgomery discusses how everyone needs to take on the burden of solving the healthcare problem. Filmed at the Castlight Enterprise Healthcare Summit, June 10, 2014. 

Building a Culture of Collaboration

Data and transparency have accelerated patient safety improvements at Citizens Memorial Hospital. For example, by sharing data and best practices with frontline staff, the 90-bed hospital cut patient falls by 75 percent over an 8-month period.